Web-friendly review of large pore repair products

Web-friendly review of large pore repair products

The problem of pores is believed to be a thorn in the heart of many annoying women. Helplessly covering with powder all day is not a long-term solution.

To solve the problem of pores fundamentally, we must always take good care of the skin.

Of course, choosing the right product will do more with less!

Now introduce the excellent pore care products selected by netizens and verified by many netizens, from lotion to mask, basic care to essence care, I believe there will be your favorite choice.

Let ‘s follow CheCK together.

  First, calm, shrink pores I am the most effective part of the calming lotion and moisturizing lotion, so that the skin drink enough water, pores become less visible slightly!

Add the experience of Internet users, not afraid that it has no effect.


OLAY Multi-Purpose Repair Day Cream Editor’s Comment: Just gently squeeze the pearl component, and evenly stroke on the face by the middle longer.

Can effectively combat aging and rejuvenate the face.

There is also SPF15’s sun protection index. Going out can save the steps of rubbing sunscreen.

  Comments from netizens: I have mixed skin. After two weeks of use, the original complexion has become duller and more lustrous. The small fine lines on the forehead have been reduced. The large pores have been improved.When used as a sunscreen, it has certain skin-care effects.


KANEBO Impression Beauty Whitening Lotion Editor’s Comment: Suitable for creating the impression of bright skin.

A medicinal whitening lotion that can effectively inhibit melanin production and effectively prevent brown spots and stains caused by sun exposure.

Moisturizing factors and whitening effective ingredients penetrate deeply into the stratum corneum and can effectively shrink pores.

  Netizen evaluation: overall feeling score!

I have mixed skin. After rubbing a layer of water, the whole skin becomes very bright, and my two toes feel very delicate. It absorbs nutrients while maintaining a refreshing feeling. Oily skin should also be suitable.

The texture of the T zone became noticeably finer.


KIEHL’S Blue Herbal Astringent Water Editor’s Comment: A multi-functional botanical essence toning astringent, suitable for oily skin and skin affected by acne.

Contains cinnamon peel and ginger root extract.

It removes excess oil and dirt, is mild and non-irritating, shrinks pores, effectively repairs and soothes and balances skin texture, and the effect is significant.

It is also suitable for men to use after shaving. Once you use it, you never want to miss it again.

  Comments from netizens: After squeezing acne, it is very good to use. It feels that the pores have become smaller and more compact.

For acne, how much may be applied topically?
3 times is better.

But the alcohol taste is a bit heavy.

  Second, once a week to enhance the beauty of the skin once a week to strengthen the maintenance, the mask itself ruptured to take this responsibility!

For pores, masks that improve the function of oils are also gaining recognition.


CLINIQUE Pore Tightening Purifying Mask Xiaobian Review: Very good mask, white mineral mud, pores are fine after use, but a little dry, suitable for oily skin.

Price is very good, a bottle can be used for a long time.

  Netizen comment: It has been used 4 times, and it feels a bit irritating and hot when using it.

After washing the face, it is very refreshing, the face is bright, the pores are clean, and the arms are well spread, but it dries faster, so you can apply thick spots on the particularly thick pores.


Neutrogena clear and soothing mask, soothes and relieves all kinds of discomfort.

  Netizens comment: The skin will acne before menstruation. I will apply this mask to calm the skin and minimize the extent of acne. It is very refreshing and comfortable after application.
SK-II Youth Mask Mask Editor’s Comment: Those who have used this mask have not fallen in love with its near-fast face-changing effort, and can have a face effect in just 15 minutes.

Regularly use to rebuild the skin to maintain the optimal moisture level. Through the accumulation of time, the skin quality will be greatly improved.

  Comments from netizens: A thin mask, but it is very convincing, absorbs well and feels very enjoyable.

After applying the skin, the skin is tender and supple, great!

If you have money, you want to apply it every day!

  Third, tightening, smoothing, purifying effect If the pores have been called your nails, you can try an efficient lotion or cream. As the moisturizing and moisturizing effect is improved, it can hydrate the dry skin, and the pores will not becomeConspicuous.


LA MER Cream Editor’s Comment: Using the skin’s amazing regeneration ability, it quickly smoothes the skin’s wrinkles due to the natural exacerbation and the external environment, which can significantly improve the appearance of large pores and dryness, while strengthening the skin’s own defense, calming and soothingDamaged skin.

  Netizen comment: The effect is awesome!

Now I use it for the night cream. It has been used for two months. I used to have a lot of acne on my nose. On average, I need to clean it every 2 or 3 weeks. Now the acne is greatly reduced and my skin texture is finer.

Definitely recommend.


Yas Lauder Perfect Rejuvenating Essence Serum Editor’s Comment: With a unique acid-free formula, it can naturally condition the skin, effectively improve pores, fine lines, peeling and redness, making the skin appear unexpectedThe softness and smoothness makes the skin look fresh and detailed, and the race is more uniform.

  Netizens comment: You can make the makeup later not easy to replace, even if it is long and shiny, as long as you take the face paper in the face, you can return the pink and tender, and you do n’t need to bring makeup to make up, praise!


OLAY Revitalizing Essence Cream Editor’s Comment: Mainly targeted at the skin of the elderly, it can effectively reduce fine lines, fade, prevent pigmentation and pigmentation, make the skin restore fairness and smoothness, and also shrink the pores to make the skin look younger.

  Netizen comment: The two hairs were a bit spotty. After using up a pot, my younger brother saw my face and it seemed that the freckles were significantly reduced.
Pores have also shrunk, leaving skin brighter than before.