Six myths about taking a call is bad for your health

Six myths about taking a call is bad for your health

First, the private phone “hidden into the corner and whispered.”


hzh{display:none;}  对于涉及私密内容的电话,不少人喜欢躲到建筑物的角落接听。In general, the signal coverage in the corners of buildings is relatively poor, so it will increase the radiated power of mobile phones to a certain extent.

Based on the same reason, you should also use your mobile phone with caution when you are in a small and closed environment such as an elevator.

  Second, hang your phone around your neck or waist.

  Qian Liang told reporters that the mobile phone’s radiation range is a capillary band centered on the mobile phone. The distance between the mobile phone and the human body determines the degree of radiation absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, people and mobile phones need to maintain the “beauty of distance.”

  Some medical experts have pointed out that people with cardiac insufficiency and especially arrhythmias cannot put their mobile phones on their chests.

If the mobile phone is often hung around the waist or abdomen of the human body, it may affect the function of the newborn.

The safe and healthy way around is to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outer layer of the bag to ensure good signal coverage.

  Third, hold the phone close to your ear when making a call.

  When the mobile phone dials the phone without being connected, the radiation will be significantly enhanced. At this time, the mobile phone should be separated from the right side, and the call should be made after about five seconds.

  Fourth, the weaker the mobile phone signal, the closer the ear is attached.

  When the phone’s signal weakens, many people instinctively try to hold the phone close to their ears.

However, according to the working principle of the mobile phone, when the signal is weak, the mobile phone will automatically increase the emission power of the electromagnetic wave, and the radiation intensity will increase significantly.

Close your ears at this time, and the radiation to your head will multiply.

  Fifth, “one ear” boiled “mobile porridge.”

  Studies have shown that continuous, continuous radiation can cause brain damage.

Experts suggest that you should not use a mobile phone to talk continuously. You can consider using a fixed phone or headphones. If you have to use a mobile phone to talk directly for a long time, you should also rotate the left and right ears every one or two minutes to answer.

  Six, go east and west, and move interchangeably.

  Some people like to walk unconsciously while walking on a mobile phone, constantly walking, but they do not know that continuous movement of the position will cause fluctuations in the strength of the received signal, which will cause short-term high-power transmission.

  In addition, when a mobile phone is used in a transmission vehicle, the mobile phone may designate a high-power base station with a wider coverage area to provide services in order to avoid excessive area replacement. At the same time, the transmission power transmission is increased due to the increase in transmission distance.