Talking about why my spots are lingering


Talking about why my spots are lingering

“The black man was spotted and was particularly upset!

“Indeed, regardless of skin type, age, or spot, the beauty of mm is always wasted.

Where do the spots on both ends come from?

How to make them disappear?

  Q: Whitening is not effective for certain types of spots?

  Answer: After all, whitening skin care products are not medicines and cannot penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis and subcutaneous tissue, so it can’t solve age spots and spots caused by congenital inheritance and endocrine disorders.

  Q: What is the trend of increasing freckles?

  Answer: Freckles are congenital pigmented diseases, which usually start to appear in early childhood, and gradually increase with age.

Its development is mainly related to ultraviolet radiation.

Proper sun protection is definitely the best choice.

Freckles are one of the better whitening of all pigmentations. As long as you have good sun protection and whitening, you can gradually fade or even disappear.

If you want to eliminate in a short time, laser is also an option.

  Q: Recently, small, shallow spots have appeared in arthritis. Why is this?

What should I do?

  Answer: In fact, the spots start to accumulate from a young age, and they will not appear until a certain degree. Don’t overdo it first. Now you should pay attention to the daily sun protection work and the use of whitening products to avoid deepening the spots.

Also pay attention to diet, exercise, promote blood circulation and accelerate skin metabolism.

  Q: Will the treatment of pigmented spots worsen the problem?

  A: Some extreme treatments can cause skin sensitivity, which makes the spots worse.

However, there are also some safe whitening products that can be truly customized for different skin types, minimizing the possibility of causing skin sensitivity.

It includes both a powerful whitening formula and ingredients that promote skin’s own resistance and recovery.

  Q: Can whitening products diminish the spots on shells?

  A: Whitening products have the effect of lightening pigmentation while uniforming skin tone.

Good whitening skin oxidant The skin surface enters the basal layer, which can inhibit the activity of tyrosine enzymes, prevent the production of melanin, and has the effect of fair skin tone.

But its effect is not once and for all. Whitening ingredients have an inhibitory effect on melanin, but after stopping using, tyrosine enzyme will still be active again, and the oxidant may still return to its former state.