Life Slack Yoga Slimming

Life Slack Yoga Slimming

Taking up too much space, serene yoga is most likely to fall in love with the bedroom at first sight.

As long as you use the basic elements of the bedroom delicately: large beds, cabinets, high-back chairs . you don’t need to sweat and crook your back anymore, you can easily build body and weight.

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1 The first group: Single lotus practice The lotus position is the basic sitting position in yoga. You can do this while watching TV. It can help move multiple ligaments in the human body and keep the meridians open.

  Step: a.
Maintain a normal sitting position with legs straight.

Succumb to the left leg, place the instep of the left foot on the groin of the right thigh, put your hands on the upper left, and gently do the upper and lower elastic exercise several times to make it finally touch the ground.

After slowly restoring the left leg, massage your hands and reset your toes.

Change your right leg and gently press your right leg in accordance with your left leg action.

The above action is repeated three to five times; pay attention not to overstretch the leg each time.


2 The second group: leaning against the wall and semi-plowing style, the “plowing style” can be called a youthful permanent posture in yoga. We can use the wall and closet at home to properly upside down some parts of the body every day, which can make the leg shapebeautiful.

  Step: A.
Close to a wall near a wall.

  B.Lean your legs up against the wall.

  C.The upper body lays naturally on the ground and stays in place.


3 third group: lowered posture This position helps the sleeping body to wake up quickly, and the whole body is filled with a large amount of fresh oxygen.

Long-term adherence can maintain fractures in the abdomen.

  Step: A.
Place your arms twice on your head, with your fingers crossed and your palms facing inward.

  B.Inhale deeply, contract your body as much as possible in both directions, and tighten your whole body muscles for a second or two.

  C.Exhale and relax.

Repeat two or three times.

  · Tips: 1.
Be careful not to eat for one hour before or after the exercise; avoid bathing for half an hour before or after the exercise.

When the action is in progress, pay attention to keep all ranges within a moderate range, and do not break through the limits of the body to avoid hurting yourself.

  3.Breathe evenly, all with your nose, and keep steady and slow.