Cervical spine sound is the Declaration of Aggression for cervical spondylosis

Cervical spine sound is the “Declaration of Aggression” for cervical spondylosis

Cervical spine sound is the “declaration of aggression” of cervical spondylosis. Many people’s cervical spine will always make a sound.
As long as you move the cervical spine, it will crumble.
And many young people think that this sound is very cool and looks very handsome, they will move their neck from time to time to listen to this sound.
The experts of traditional Chinese medicine said that the cervical vertebra sound is actually a signal of cervical spondylosis, a “declaration” that cervical spondylosis invades the body and needs to be corrected in time, otherwise more problems will occur.
  The sound of cervical spine is caused by muscle strain. Old Chinese medicine experts pointed out that the sound of cervical spine is issued by the muscles of the cervical spine.
Strictly speaking, the muscles of our neck are divided into many layers. When the neck moves, the layers slide against each other.
When the neck muscles are strained, there will be some inflammatory reactions locally. The inflammatory reactions will make the sliding between the muscles not so smooth, so there will be a sound when they are moving.
  Many people in life think that the sound of the cervical spine is the sound made between the cervical vertebrae. In fact, this is everyone’s mistaken understanding.
You know, if it is the sound of the vertebral body, then your cervical spine will be painful.
As modern people work and live in daily life, they keep the same posture for a long time, look at computers, mobile phones, driving and other bad habits, the neck muscles can not relax for a long time, and disorders and strains will occur.
More importantly, the long-term poor posture will make the circulation of qi and blood in the neck unfavorable, and the muscles and muscles in the neck will lose nutrition, and the neck and tendons will be damaged, which will make a noise.
Cervical spine sounds are a precursor to a series of cervical spine problems. Experts say that the occurrence of cervical spine sounds indicates problems with soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments in the cervical spine. These soft tissues are called meridians in Chinese medicine.
You should know that the stability of the cervical spine and the smooth flow of blood in the neck are maintained by these meridians. If there are problems with the meridians, it is likely that cervical spondylosis such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, and upper limb numbness will occur.
Further development will lead to more serious conditions such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and sleep disorders.
  Do not shake your head and shake your head when the sound of the cervical spine appears. At the same time, many experts have said that after the sound of the cervical spine, do not continue to shake your head.
Experts point out that many people who use the exercise method of shaking their heads and shaking their brains have a lot of troubles. Those who are light-headed, nausea and vomiting, and those who have severe cervical spine dislocation even fall to the ground suddenly.
Therefore, after the occurrence of cervical vertebra sounds, especially those with hypertension and arteriosclerosis, do not shake your head, suddenly turn your head and twist your head. You should promptly accept the inspection and conditioning of the neck.
  Find out the key to neck problems for conditioning. The sound of the cervical spine is caused by the problems of the muscles and muscles of the neck, and the relationship between the muscle tissues of the neck is complex and affects each other.
So finding the key parts is the key.
When neck and shoulder conditioning, the first problem is to find out the root cause of the neck problem.
Because the muscles of the neck and the muscles of the shoulder are connected and affect each other, during the examination, from the first cervical spine to the first thoracic spine, and then from the thoracic spine to the entire shoulder, deep examination is performed layer by layer.
At the same time observe the color and shape of the skin on the neck, analyze the effects of meridians, comprehensively and thoroughly.
According to the results of the examination, the “two-ring, five-line, three-crest method” is used to comprehensively regulate the neck and shoulders, and to regulate the human body such as the neck, the bladder meridian, the bile meridian, the triple focus meridian, the large intestine meridian, and so on.Yang meridian, regulates the meridian and viscera of the meridian, guides the yang of the body, clears the qi and blood stasis of the neck, repairs the degenerative damage of the neck muscles and bones, and restores the vitality of the neck meridians and muscles.
  Eliminate the root of the “sound” in the cervical spine. The sound of the cervical spine is related to the meridians, and the normal of the meridians is closely related to the viscera, qi and blood.
Therefore, while adjusting the tendons, it is not only to sort out the normal order of the tendons and muscles to eliminate disturbances, but also to adjust the internal organs of the human body, so that liver and kidney are adequate, and the tendons can be normally controlled, so that blood and blood can flow smoothly.Ascend to nourish muscles.
Neck and shoulder conditioning is not only to comb the relationship between the neck and shoulder muscle tissues, but also to combine the dialectical analysis of TCM experts to regulate the problems of qi, blood, and internal organs in the human body. Traditional Chinese medicine techniques such as curettage, medicated bath, and moxibustion should be used., Canning method, etc., to clear the circulation of qi and blood, activate the viscera to generate vitality of qi and blood, and reconcile the relationship between viscera and viscera.
Solve neck problems from the inside out.