Clever hands teach you to remove odor from yoga mat

Clever hands teach you to remove odor from yoga mat

When practicing yoga, I often have such small troubles. The yoga mat I just bought always emits odors, which makes me unable to concentrate when I practice. Even if I barely support it for an hour or two, I will be dizzy.

Is it a waste of practice time?

No way to take the smell?

No, here’s a tip for everyone to eliminate the annoying smell of yoga mats.

  The method to remove the odor is actually very simple: first, open the outer packaging; then, wipe it with a soft cloth dampened with warm water; after that, put it in a cool and ventilated place for one or two days to remove the plastic odor remaining on the mat.

  It is recommended that yoga practitioners choose imported yoga mats.

Yoga mat products are in direct contact with the body of the practitioner, and they are chemical products. Please be careful not to use yoga mat products without quality assurance, so as not to damage your skin.

The environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless TPE yoga mat has a very low odor when it is opened, and it should be completely odorless when placed flat in a ventilated place for 1-2 days.

The poisonous and odorless pad is not the most critical technology of non-toxic and tasteless. It has no non-toxic and tasteless treatment. When it is opened, it smells great and smoky eyes. After soaking in water or rubbing it in a dry place for about 20 daysThe odor will be smaller, but uncomfortable odor will always be there. Please pay attention to identification.

  In fact, no matter how expensive the mat is, it is sealed at the factory, so it will definitely smell a little bit of material. Please do n’t mistakenly think that a flavored mat is of bad quality, as long as it has no odor after the above treatment,It is safe and non-toxic, and everyone can use it with confidence.