Over-care of the skin is not helpful


Over-care of the skin is not helpful

Why is your skin getting worse and worse, and even if you do your best to take good care of it, you still have no good results?


hzh {display: none; }  肌肤的生存环境受到各种因素的影响,暗藏着的谋杀肌肤的杀手,随时都会让你的肌肤万劫不复。These killers, you need to be vigilant to guard.

  Silent killer: Over-care Many MMs have experienced this: they take good care of the skin, but the skin does not appreciate it, let alone skiing, and a little longer in the sun, there will often be “plateau red”.

The old saying goes, too much, too much care for the skin, making it translucent like a crystal cup, which is very pleasant, but the crystal cup is placed on a shelf and hidden in a deep boudoir, but the skin will accompany you in the wind and rain, UV, dustNo radiation will be less.

  Don’t be too “good” for your skin, don’t be too “good” for your skin, the more often you wash, the more frequently you can make a mask, the more often you exfoliate, the more easily your skin will become spoiled.

Dermatologist recommends that skin care should follow the “221 Principles”, that is, washing the face twice a day, doing a moisturizing mask twice a week, and a cleansing mask once a month.

There is a simple standard to detect. If you do not apply skin care products immediately after washing your face, the skin will become dry and taut or even peeling. Be careful, your skin may have been spoiled.

  Frequently exfoliating and exfoliating skin Speaking of episomnia, the most common habit of exfoliating is exfoliating often.

Keratin is a very headache. It is too thick and the skin is dull and dull, and the skin care products cannot absorb it. It is too thin and easily allergic, and has no resistance to sunlight.

The horny condition of each person is different. Generally speaking, oily skin is thicker, dry skin is thinner, and sensitive skin is the thinnest.

Therefore, the sensitive MM with thin skin, do not often exfoliate, slowly raising it is the king.

  Have you ever committed suicide? Recently, the fashion industry has been mixing and matching, and skin care is also the case.

When it comes to ideas, it is naturally good to focus the star products of each brand on both ends of the rag to maximize the effectiveness of each step.

A brand of toner is expected to be good, coated!

Brand B’s lotion is almost full effect, wipe!

However, do you know if there are any ingredients in the products of A and B that affect each other or even hinder each other?

  In fact, many experts have suggested that skin care products should be used in sets. If they are used, they should also be used in sets. In this way, if there is a shortage in use, it is easy to judge the cause.

In addition, the effect can also be maximized. Just like the Eighteen Arhats of Shaolin Temple, the strength of one Arhat is always limited, but if the eighteen are standing there, line up and look at the world, who dares to fight against it?

  Follow the wind carefully and fail Many young MMs have a habit: follow the wind.

For attractive advertisements or products recommended by the forums, it is a heroic “Kamikaze Commando” to “smash” the ground and treat the skin as a white mouse.

Please understand the product’s suitable skin type and age before you dedicate, and you must know that the mice who cried and failed to follow suit follow the forums every day.

  The skin needs of young girls are different from those of mature women. They spend a lot of money on expensive whitening essences, but they make the delicate skin sensitive and dry, which is “suicide”.

  Part-time killer: BA BA is a beauty consultant, that is, some experts who have professional beauty knowledge and can customize skin care packages for customers. They are generally called by the cosmetics counters in shopping malls.

  An excellent BA is the beacon and sea beacon for your purchase of cosmetics.

MMs with little silver, if you want to make each cultural value for money, you must make good use of BA.

However, BAs who lack professional ethics occasionally guest the “killer” of murdering your skin.

BA is attached, we all know, but in front of the cosmetics counter, many people will temporarily lose memory, forget this.

Especially with a professional BA talking about it, when using a bunch of high-tech vocabulary product principles and many rare names to attack your ears, many people have taken dementia-like pockets to buy a bunch of usedProducts that are available or not needed.

  BA’s recommendations are not necessarily correct, so you need to be jealous.

If you don’t recognize the demon, unsuitable skin care products are likely to kill your skin and steal your hard-earned money.

  Hidden Killer: The temptation of beauty salons has been popular for some time. There are good and bad. Even Oscar’s little golden men have been awarded to the Departed.

The beauty salon is a dragon and a snake, and the good and the bad are different.

  A friend tried a certain freckle treatment, and the effect was said to be excellent: every morning and evening, rub a kind of potion on both ends, and then start peeling layer by layer. Every day there are red and tender meat. After many times, the skin is white.bright.

But the good times didn’t last long. After stopping the potion, the skin immediately rebounded and began to become dull.

Such a cosmetic treatment does change the skin condition in the reduction, but the sighted person knows at a glance that this lotion is mainly to exfoliate and powerfully whiten, and to force the normal skin to be destroyed. As a result, new skin appears.
  As soon as Big S’s “Beauty King 2” is published, it is estimated that the beauty salons that are overworked will launch the beauty items mentioned in the book, such as: whitening needles, microwave peeling, pulse light, etc.  Whitening needles Whitening needles are a magic weapon for girls who don’t want to tan. Microwave pulling can be used to thin various places that want to lose weight. Pulse light can treat large pores.

Their cosmetic effects are very tempting, but the risks are not without them.

  Botox injection can eliminate wrinkles, but if the location or dosage is not correct, it can cause facial expressions to be stiff, skin to laugh, or eyes to close.

Unscrupulous beauty salons usually highlight the magical effects, but avoid the possible exceptions.

According to some doctors, whitening needles are actually a nutrient component. Whitening is just a way to achieve the effect, and it is not legal in China. The pulsed light will be temporarily crusted and swollen after being pulsed, and special attention should be paid to sun protection.Very painful and technically demanding, but unknown (because it is a newly popular cosmetic method).

These projects are not cheap, so if there are similar projects launched by beauty salons, it is doubtful.

Even if it’s expensive, I would advise you not to put your mouse in the wrong place, because it is likely to be a hidden killer that will destroy your skin in the future.

  The topic commented on the pursuit of beauty, we must be cautious, follow a slow (follow the pace of the pace), second look (more observation effect), the principle of three actions, otherwise the next “15.15” sad heroine is likelyIs you.