Acne, eat less kelp

Acne, eat less kelp

Kelp is hailed as the king of alkaline food by scholars at home and abroad.

It is rich in iodine, which is dozens or even hundreds of times of other vegetables; the special amino acids contained in it have a blood pressure lowering effect; alginate also treats arteriosclerosis, prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals such as lead, copper, and excludes sensitive elements in the bodyeffect.

However, people with ulcers should eat less iodine-containing foods such as kelp.

  With the change of diet structure, the acceleration of life rhythm and the pollution of air environment, more and more patients suffer from skin ulcers.

The pathogenesis of acne is very complicated, mainly related to endocrine disorders, hyperkeratosis, embolism, and sebum excretion disorders.

If you eat too much kelp, it will often aggravate endocrine disorders, increase the secretion of androgens and metabolites such as thyroid ketones, they will stimulate sebaceous gland secretion, the hair follicle funnel and sebaceous gland ducts will cause excessive embolization and cause embolism, leading to sebum excretion disorders,It also inhibits the activity of enzymes related to hormones secreted by the glands, which makes acne patients develop more acne.

  Therefore, it is important for diabetics to avoid high iodine diets.

In addition to kelp, eat other foods high in iodine.

For example, shelled seafood, jellyfish, squid, laver, sea cabbage, asparagus, etc.