Effectively resolve workplace interpersonal and work stress

Effectively resolve workplace interpersonal and work stress

Indeed, after being promoted, professional people rarely encounter exceptions, because of the tremendous pressure brought by the sudden increase in responsibilities!

Suddenly there are so many things to be managed, and they are all complicated. Almost all newly promoted executives have to go through a period of clueless and helpless running-in.

  To solve this problem, we must proceed from both internal and external aspects.

  Internally, the main component of promotion pressure is unconfidence!

I believe that the company will not promote you for no reason, and I believe that I can gradually do a good job of management type. Do not set too high goals for yourself in the early stage of management, and do not rely too much on the evaluation and attitude of others.Come more frustrated.

  Externally, it is mainly in the operational dimension that gradually begins to establish the thinking structure that managers should have.

After being promoted to a management position, it is no longer a complicated situation with a specific job responsibility or more.

So first tell yourself not to mess around, the key is to figure out the following basic points: the specific tasks of the department, the current operating status of the department, the members of the department and their respective strengths and characteristics, and the expectations of the upper levels.

After the basic information is basically mastered, find out the key issues of the department as a whole, and start from a small area, or you can start from what you are good at, and gradually establish your own authority in the department.

  Another point is very important, as the saying goes: “New officers take office with three fires”, try to avoid making mistakes in the early stages of office, even if you maintain the scene.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you take office.

  Regarding interpersonal pressures, we see that many managers who have been promoted from grass-roots positions are always distressed by the same question: After being promoted, how do I face my former colleagues and current subordinates?

People who are deeply trapped in this kind of distress are most easily crushed by the interpersonal pressure of promotion.

In fact, when the identity of two people in the workplace changes, it will cause a subtle change in the relationship between the two people.

No matter how good your relationship is, in a result-oriented workplace, there is no result in failure; in a workplace where the winner is king, there will always be defeated opponents on the road.

Since it is unavoidable, we must face it calmly.

  Generally speaking, the interpersonal changes brought about by promotion will have the following three endings: Comedy ending 1: All are happy-

Impossible’s promoted colleagues are still taking care of them as before, helping the former colleagues, the current subordinates; while the subordinates still regard him as a good friend, the team is happy and work together.

Great prophecy, but unfortunately never happened in the workplace.

The peaceful environment must be temporary, and the first breakthrough 90% is the one who has been promoted.

Friends should be tolerant, but once they become leaders, they already represent the interests of the company.

Compulsory dispatch, inspection, supervision, performance evaluation, reward and punishment are all very sensitive issues, and conflicts are inevitable.

  The smell of gunpowder in the harmony of peace will explode once there is a spark, and sadness is always inevitable, so why bother to maintain it?

  Calm ending 2: Mixed-promotion is common, are you happy?

of course!

But when you are happy, you must pay attention to it. The situation before you is that the first friend who jumps out to challenge you is often your former good friend.

Be careful, don’t be extremely sad.

  Friends who have been promoted, do n’t be fooled by joy. The best way to avoid friends ‘anti-purpose is to use your usual communication methods to communicate with each other and spread the words. You have to take the initiative. After all, part of you happenedChanged.

  What about friends who haven’t been promoted?

When a friend becomes a boss, you may be unbalanced and overwhelmed by disappointment and loss, but you must understand that it has become a boat.

Emotions are normal, but what matters is your attitude-accept or not.

Not accepting, choosing a reason to apply for transfer is an expedient measure to maintain the relationship between the two parties.

Accept, when you work, you must face up to your superiors, distinguish between tasks and territories. Of course, an open and honest communication will also help you quickly come out of your lost emotions.

  As a mature professional, one of the most important choices you should make is to accept it, not only to help your friends gain a foothold, but also to establish a good professional image for yourself.

  Tragic ending 3: It is painful for one person to be promoted to two people. Occasionally, promotion has happened. Good thing, why will it be painful to come and go?

Isn’t this moaning without disease?

  As a lucky winner of promotion, the main cause of stress is the failure to reposition myself.

You are already a manager. In the face of reality, you are his leader. It was no longer possible to have a close and friendly relationship with friends.
In the work, we must consider issues and make decisions from the perspective of corporate interests as a leader.
When necessary, ruthlessness can relieve both sides.

  What’s so sad about the “unlucky eggs” that haven’t been promoted?

There are two ways before you, walk or stay.

To put it bluntly, go early and save yourself the sadness. If you stay, adjust your mentality and work, otherwise you will be abandoned by this environment.

  Choose to accept reality.

For you, the emotions you generate are not important. What you have to choose is to face a cold reality. You cannot get along with each other as before.

Breaking through interpersonal obstacles is the basic condition for becoming a qualified manager.

  Expert training suggestions: The way to get along with each other is to accurately grasp the identity and relationship changes of both parties.

This may be inconsistent with the evaluation of many friends, but unfortunately, any interpersonal relationship has conditions and boundaries. If you ignore such conditions and boundaries, you will blindly use your own understanding of friendship and human relations to connect.To those around you is your immature.

  The Chinese care about human relationships. This is an advantage, but it also brings a crisis: it is difficult to truly distinguish between public and private!

As far as the subject of this issue is concerned, no matter who you and your friend are promoted to, where and when will you be in the future and in what capacity should you get along with him?

  One thing to remind is that no matter how you maintain, if there are differences in positions and even affiliation, then you cannot get along with each other, and you must be mentally prepared to welcome changes!