Watch out for those atypical innocence

Watch out for those “atypical innocence”

Girl clothes are pure and understandable, and it is very simple. For example, when talking, replace all “I” words with “others”, “others don’t understand well” and so on.
The point is that domestic men like girls innocent, and girls who are too proactive sometimes make serious men nervous or even vigilant.
  However, what I want to say is that men should be alert to those “atypical innocence” that is not pretended to be natural, that is, to be “purity” firmly for a long time, not to be trapped by sex . Such “atypical innocence” is veryMay be “don’t love” or “less love” or “not yet loved”.
  A clean boy told me that he has lived with his girlfriend for 4 years, and there has been no physical relationship. His girlfriend is innocent and always “shouts” at critical times. He is very rational and calm. He can only stand in pain.However, he was often “on the verge of collapse” because of lust.
He was expecting me to praise them for their behavior as a jade, but I poured cold water, “You should pay attention, does she really love you?
“What did you say?
He couldn’t wait to pull out his cell phone and let me see his girlfriend’s photos. It was very beautiful, and the smile was indifferent, and there was a sense of superiority that was imperceptible. In that simple smile, I could not see the sweetness and charming.
If this is pure, it should be.
I asked again, “Are you chasing her, is it hard?
He smiled and nodded, affirming my guess: “It’s not easy, so I basically listen to her.”
Here ‘s the problem. The thing girls enjoy most is being pursued. If they are persistent, they have a greater sense of accomplishment. Of course, the premise is that they have at least a good opinion of the boy and that he is safe and not too aggressive.Destructive, manageable . The honest and gentle boy in front of him clearly has his readability, but his “sexual meaning” is not very pervasive and does not have that aggressive male flavor.
Such boys and girls like to get along with them, but they don’t necessarily desire to love them, at least not at first.
  Therefore, the reason why this boyfriend’s girlfriend can live with him for 4 years, and calmly maintain the “purity” style, without lighting the flames of his sex, or even revealing the style, it must be that the gate of love is not trueOr completely open, still in front of or at the edge of love, so she has enough “stability” and innocence. Behind the seeming innocence is hesitation and lack of desire, even less enthusiasm, excitement, no impulse, and some are just faintThe joy of being surrounded, the touch of being taken care of, the longing for romance . even, it can be said that the heroine did not realize whether she was in love, in her own love.
  Because if a girl loves him very much, it should be burning, she can’t help it, and it’s easy to “fall into trouble”!
It is eager to be one with the other. It is of course that in view of the various constraints of the family in the external society, it will control self-control, struggle, and hold back, but it is impossible to persist for too long.What’s more, in the case of skin blind date, it can be peaceful for 4 years, which is incredible.
  Pretending innocence is because it is necessary to cover up the style. Of course, if there is no style, it is of course innocent.
The style and enchantment of a woman in deep love naturally radiate and cannot be concealed.
  In fact, we often have such experiences. When facing a person of the opposite sex who is not very loved or not, we are particularly confident and calm. If we change to one we like and love, we will sweat our hands and increase our heart rate., Will be incoherent, and even can’t stand the other person’s flirt and want to make a promise!
  The boy in front of me was smiling, unbelieving, then a little confused, and finally a little lonely and discouraged.
Because, he gradually realized that there was something “wrong” between them, because his girlfriend never took the initiative to “seduce” . In other words, she was “boyfriend”, she had no “sexual desire” and no turbulenceErotic, then, this is not true love; apparently, she just treats the so-called boyfriend around her as a warm “relative”, a friendly classmate, a best friend, and does not even consider him as the opposite sex; of course, all this is justSubconsciously, she may not have soberly seriously reflected and doubted: Is this love?
  There is an old saying: Women have sex because of love, and men have sex because of sex. It makes sense.
Now there is a further argument: Sexuality will have love, asexuality usually has no love.
“Sex” here does not necessarily “do”, but “think”, and the absolutely pure girl has no ripples, and there is no restrained pain and annoyance.
On the contrary, cohabitation with lovers can be done without dripping, such as revolutionary comrades-in-arms, too pure!
  Both men and women are the same. Without a heart of deep love and true love, there would be no excitement and torment of erotic waves or flames.
If you are too easy to “abstinence” and “abstinence”, absolutely “purity” in the end, you need to reflect on your feelings, is it time for love?
Isn’t love a bit passive, just to enjoy the other’s love, or even to inexplicably compromise “compromise + sacrifice” to reject the other’s love?
  As long as it is a healthy love, it will be “crazy”!
There will be lust and entanglement of spiritual flesh, it is difficult for ordinary people to achieve peace of mind, “no idea”, and peace of mind.
Pure innocence is beautiful and valuable, but beware that there may be a poor and barely “love” behind pure innocence.