What to do if the elderly have cold hands and feet in winter?

What to do if the elderly have cold hands and feet in winter?

When the elderly have cold hands and feet in winter, the following measures can be taken: 1.

Strengthen warmth: As the temperature drops, increase your clothes in time, wear gloves and socks with good warmth performance, and always rub some grease on your hands and feet.


Avoid stress and excitement.

Some people have determined that when the emotion is agitated, the temperature of the hand can be quickly changed from ℃ to 24 ℃, and then slowly recovered after calm.


Ensure adequate nutrition and eat enough transformed food to increase the body’s production and transformation.


Adhere to winter exercise to promote blood circulation throughout the body. Soak hands, feet or massage limbs with warm water every day to improve local blood circulation in the limbs.


Under the guidance of a doctor, taking strong and healthy Chinese medicine, such as ginseng, royal jelly, aconite, etc., some people think that aconite has better effect on cold hands and feet of the elderly.


Such as cold hands and feet accompanied by weakened or disappeared arterial pulsation of the extremities, pale skin and bruising expansion manifestations, should go to the hospital for examination.