Pillow Painless Therapy

Pillow Painless Therapy

Pillow fall is a common disease.

The author used the fingernail “Neiguan” to treat occipital pillows. The effect was rapid and its effect was very good.

This method is simple and easy to learn without pain, so I will introduce it and apply armor.

  It is not difficult to diagnose pillow fall, but care should be taken to rule out cervical disease.

If the tenderness point is in the middle of the item (that is, on the cervical spine), the cervical disease should be considered, and further diagnosis can be confirmed with X-rays.

When finger massage is ineffective, occipital disease can be ruled out.

  The Neiguan acupoint is located on the flexor side of the forearm, two inches above the transverse stripes of the wrist, between the long palmar tendon and the radial wrist flexor tendon.

The main effects of Neiguan acupoint are to calm the mind, relieve liver and stomach, and relieve pain.

  Operation method: First, the operator first cuts the nails of his right thumb short, then, the operator holds the back of the affected side with his left hand, and the wrist joint is flexed properly, and the tendons of the wrist flexor muscles are relaxed by braking.

Immediately, the index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger of the right hand were placed on the back of the Neiguan acupoint. The thumb held the Neiguan acupoint forcibly, making the patient feel acid, sink, and sleepy on the upper limbs, shoulders, and body.

  The patient’s head is free to rotate left and right, and the patient feels less pain.

At this time, let the patient gradually increase the rotation angle, usually about 3 minutes, the symptoms of pillow discomfort disappeared or relieved.

  In order to consolidate the effect, the operator can massage with the fingers for 1 minute when the patient has the most obvious tenderness.