[I don’t know what to do when I am pregnant and drink alcohol]_Recommended diet

[I don’t know what to do when I am pregnant and drink alcohol]_Recommended diet

Many female friends are often prone to accidental pregnancy, and there are a lot of precautions that need to be paid special attention during pregnancy.

In particular, do not perform any acute aerobic exercise, and you must pay great attention to your personal diet. Inappropriate diet may increase the chance of various problems for female friends. Many female friends are inappropriate after pregnancy.It ‘s a wrong practice to cite alcohol, what if I do n’t know what to drink after pregnancy?

Female friends drinking alcohol after pregnancy is very harmful to the baby’s health and development. Serious cases may also cause the baby to have deformity problems, so it is definitely not possible to drink alcohol during pregnancy. This is beyond doubt.

Female friends drinking alcohol may cause alcohol to enter the placenta through the blood, which may lead to the problem of slow growth and growth. It may also increase the number of female children with this type of neurodevelopment or mental retardation.Don’t overdo it. Drinking a small amount does not cause a particularly large substitution effect.

If pregnant women have symptoms of discomfort after drinking, be sure to ask the doctor for a detailed examination in time to inform the doctor of their specific conditions, including the time, frequency and amount of drinking, so that the doctor can choose a targeted method for conditioning.

Female friends who drink alcohol during pregnancy can also drink some milk properly. Milk can achieve a good effect of breaking down alcohol, and can also promote the metabolism of alcohol in the body to a certain extent.

In daily pregnant women, try to eat as much vitamins as possible on vegetables and fruits. Supplementing the folic acid needed in the body also helps to reduce female friends’ chances of excessive deformity caused by children.

It is recommended that female friends must know some general knowledge about nursing during pregnancy, try not to smoke or drink alcohol, to avoid the potential impact on themselves.