12 beautiful traps in cosmetics


12 beautiful traps in cosmetics

BA Marketing Trap 1: For best results, we must use our integrated products.


hzh {display: none; }  专家告诉你:  这个说法是要说服消费者购买他们的每一项产品,这是一个很典型的销售技巧,就好像告诉消费者,要使除皱霜发挥作用,必须Use the same brand of lotion.

  In the past few years, I have devoted myself to arranging maintenance procedures for various skin types. I have not seen that company’s products are so unique that they cannot be replaced at all. Moreover, each company has some bad products, and some contain irritatingSubstances, some have insufficient sun protection ability, and some are humectants that over-saturate the skin in a large amount. The products of the same company may not achieve the best results.

  BA’s Marketing Trap 2: Because we use advanced ingredients, we sell so expensive.

  Experts tell you: if the truth is true, such a high price is acceptable, I once asked the manufacturer to get evidence, but I never got a response, so I visited the cosmetic raw material supplier and asked the grades of the raw materials purchased by the cosmetic companies.The raw material grades of each cosmetic company are similar. It is said that DuPont is the world’s largest supplier of fruit acid. They support more than 99% of the fruit acid demand of the cosmetics industry. Therefore, the raw material grades of all fruit acid products on the market arethe same.

  BA Marketing Trap 3: Cosmetics can block external pollution.

  Experts tell you: opaque foundations and lipsticks can reduce the skin’s ultraviolet radiation, but they cannot block external pollution. On the contrary, inorganic pollutants such as smoke, automobile and motorcycle exhaust and industrial dust will be absorbed by cosmetics and moisturizers.

  BA’s Marketing Trap 4: That’s how vitamins and plant extracts make your skin so smooth.

  Experts tell you: What about applying vitamins and chamomile, lemon, mint and other plants on the skin?

You will find that there is no change in the skin at all (unless you are allergic to these substances), these things have no effect on the skin at all.

In fact, skin care products contain only trace amounts of vitamins and plant extracts. The skin does not feel it at all. What really smoothes the skin are oils, waxes, humectants and smoothing agents (substances that can slide on the skin and cause a smooth touch.).

  Marketing Trap 5 for BA: Our products are made entirely of natural ingredients; chemically synthesized ingredients are extracted from petroleum, such as mineral oil and petrolatum, which are harmful to the skin.

  Experts tell you: I haven’t seen products made entirely of natural ingredients, some chemically synthesized are quite good for the skin, and every cosmetic company’s products contain chemically synthesized ones

Chemical synthesis was originally made of natural substances. For example, mineral oil and petroleum jelly are by-products of refining gasoline. The raw material of gasoline is crude oil. Crude oil was formed by ancient aquatic plants and animals buried under the ground for millions of years.

  Mineral oil and petroleum jelly are very good skin care products. Cosmetic chemists believe that they are the best moisturizing ingredients. Some people think that they may clog pores. Their harmful effects on the skin are still being studied.

  Marketing Trap 6 of BA: In order to promote detoxification of the skin and clean pores, regular use of masks and treatments is required. Masks can stimulate the circulation of blood and oxygen in the skin and promote the discharge of toxins from the pores.

  Only the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system will detoxify, and there is no toxin in the skin and sweat glands.

If there are “toxins” in the skin, why hasn’t anyone ever specified what these “toxins” are?

It is ridiculous that oxygen is also a skin toxin, which can form free radicals and harm the skin. The oxygen and free radicals are replaced in Chapter 3.

  The mask cannot clean the pores. To clean the pores, salicylic acid or fruit acid (micro-peeling effect) must be used. Some prescription drugs such as vitamin A acid (Retin-A or Differin) can also achieve the effect of cleaning the pores (by promoting epidermal differentiationWhile reducing the generation of keratin).

  BA’s Marketing Trap 7-A scientist developed this product and hasn’t revealed it to the world until now.


hzh {display: none; }  很多医生和化学家致力于开发各种新的化妆品,但所有的化妆品含有的是相同的标准成分,化妆品不能和药物一样含有特别的成分,否则就须受到更严格的specification.
  My favorite example of refining is LA MER Essence Cream. You should have heard the story behind this super expensive product. There is a scientist from NASA called Dr. Max Huber.

(Max Huber) suffered severe burns in an accident. After many experiments, he finally developed a product to cure the burns. Since then, he started selling this product. After his death, his daughter sold the right to the product.To Estee Lauder Group.

This story is very moving, really the opposite and ordinary. The cream is not particularly unique, unless you believe that the seaweed extract is really expensive or can treat burns and scars, even if the seaweed extract can treat burns, scalds and sunburn.Wounds are not the cause of wrinkles, UV radiation is the real cause of wrinkles.

  ”The seaweed extract is not rare or expensive, and it can be seen everywhere from cosmetics, food to medical supplies,” said Susan Burry, a professor of plant biology at Maine State University.

LA MER essence contains seaweed extract, mineral oil, vaseline, glycerin, wax, vegetable oil, plant seeds, minerals, vitamins, thickeners and preservatives. Why is it so expensive to add seaweed extract and vitamins?

Some cosmetic chemists have told me that LA MER serum is only worth a few cents instead of a few hundred dollars.

LA MER has also developed many products that have nothing to do with essence creams. If LA MER essence cream is so special, why do you need other products?

Why is the formula of these products completely different from LA MER essence cream?

I think LA MER serum is not a magic product.

  Marketing Trap 8 for BA: The cause of oily skin is insufficient water on the skin surface, so the skin must make more oil to avoid the loss of moisture. If there is enough moisture on the skin surface, the oil will stop making, which is whySkin type people need moisturizing reasons.

  The production of oil has nothing to do with dry or dry skin. If this is the case, people with dry skin will increase the production of oil because of insufficient skin moisture, will it not become oily skin?

Even when moisturizers are not used, people with dry skin will not experience increased oil production.

Oily skin is caused by heredity and hormones.

  BA Marketing Trap 9: If the skin surface is oily, it is not guaranteed that the easy skin is not dry or moisturizing is required, and many people have dry skin with external oil.
  In fact, moisturizers have no protective effect on the skin. They cannot nourish the skin, cannot avoid sun damage, and cannot permanently change the structure of the skin.
If the skin is dry, it may be because using too strong soaps, cleansers, lotions containing alcohol or other ingredients that dry the skin (such as lemon and grapefruit), too much moisturization will also cause skin problems, becauseIt obstructs the normal replacement of the skin.

Technically, there are many formulations that can make the skin get water-retaining agents, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It is not necessary to use lotions or creams.

  BA’s Marketing Trap 10: This moisturizing product is perfect for oily and combination skin because it contains no oils.

  There are countless products on the market that are free of oil but rich in oil, waxy or other products that can break down pores. These are not necessarily familiar oils such as vegetable or mineral oils, and even some common oils we have not heard of.The labeling of oil does not mean that the product is good or bad. Some ingredients that cause acne do not have a greasy feeling. People with oily and acne-prone skin will have better skin when they use fewer skin care products.

  BA’s Marketing Trap 11: Use this product at night to offset the damage to your skin during the day.

  No product used at night can reduce the sun damage during the day, so avoid the sun damage during the day.

  BA Marketing Trap 12: Sage, lemon and grapefruit control oil.

  Skin oil secretion is mainly controlled by hormones. There are no topical plant ingredients to control oil, and lemons and grapefruits can cause skin irritation, but cause acne.