Xiaobian, you know that taking Chinese medicine is special

Xiaobian, you know that taking Chinese medicine is special

When you are sick, you need fluids.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is important to use medication.

  Huangjiu Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that Huangjiu itself is a traditional Chinese medicine, which is warm in nature and has the effects of menstruation, promoting blood circulation, and dispersing cold. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that uses Huangjiu to treat bruises, qi stagnation, blood stasis, and waist and leg pain, such as Yunnan Baiyao.It is useful for the exertion of medicinal effects.

  Mi Tang Mi Tang has the effect of protecting stomach qi. When taking Chinese patent medicines such as Yangchangwei, spleen, and spleen, such as Xiangsha Liujun Pill and Lizhong Pill, you can take it with Mi Tang.

  Saline salt can be introduced into the kidney, taking traditional Chinese medicines for treating kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency, such as Liuwei Dihuang Wan, Zhibai Dihuang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan, You Gui Wan, etc., should be taken with saline.

  Ginger soup ginger or dried ginger has the effect of dispersing cold and warming the stomach. Boil them into water for delivery to treat colds and colds, as well as traditional Chinese medicines such as Huoxiangzhengqi tablets, which can add icing on the cake.

  In real life, many people are afraid of trouble, and they are accustomed to taking traditional Chinese medicine directly with white water.

In fact, Baishui’s delivery of proprietary Chinese medicines is also quite particular.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that hot water has the function of helping Yang Qi to pass through the meridians, and cold water has the function of reducing fire qi.

And the disease is also divided into cold and heat from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, so it is best to take medicine along the cause of the disease. This is the rule of Chinese medicine, that is, for the evidence of dryness (such as fever, anger), use heat-clearing agents, if at the same time use coldWater delivery can increase the effectiveness of heat-clearing medicine.

On the contrary, if it is evidence of deficiency of cold (such as cold and cold), you should take Xin Wen’s cold dispersing agent. At this time, you should take warm water to serve.

However, if you take medication according to the water temperature, don’t overcorrect it. You should first distinguish your individual’s constitution. For people who have sore throat and fever, they should take heat-relief medicine such as Shuanghuanglian tablet. Although drinking cold water can relieve fever, ifDeficiency of the spleen and stomach itself will cause discomfort in the body and affect the efficacy.